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Chicago CBD Mid-Year 2021 Market Update

Understand the Costs & Savings Opportunities Associated with Your Current and Future Lease — As trends across the Chicago office market continue to evolve in our post pandemic environment, we took a closer look at the market conditions with new data that can benefit tenants leveraging insights for economic advantage.

How Tenant Rep Brokers Get Compensated

When you’re looking for new space, having a representative on your side is your best interest. A tenant rep advocates for you to help you receive…

Tomorrow’s Top Workspaces: A Look at Chicago’s New Large-Scale Developments

As companies continue to return to the office and welcome employees back to work downtown, many are surprised to look out and see so much progress on Chicago’s major office projects that continued construction during the pandemic. “The optimism around Chicago development remains strong,” according to Grant Hutcherson, an associate with CBIZ Gibraltar. He highlights … Continued

Lease Economics: How Much Money Could You Save With a New Lease?

We all know, the cornerstone of any successful business is its people. Keeping them engaged and productive, happy and healthy is not just a task for HR or management, but a job largely addressed by real estate. So, why do organizations lose sights of opportunities to advance business in this regard? The answer is largely … Continued