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Understanding Workplace Solutions — Delivering the Best Possible Value

By now, you have put a lot of thought into your company’s post-pandemic workspace. You might be 100% back in the office and have an established plan that is being executed, or you’re still mapping the strategy for where work will take place in the short-, mid- and long-term.

Whether your real estate plans are immediate or far-off — and regardless of your lease expiration date — your real estate partner should be active now.

In the last year, CBIZ Gibraltar has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes around creating purposeful and sustainable workplace environments. The companies that decided to hit pause on their office space plans amid the COVID-19 outbreak realized the issue isn’t as much about downsizing or less space, but rethinking how they will use space and the ways in which work will be done.

As the focus shifts to operations and ensuring that teams are prepared for what’s around the corner, having an ally in the real estate selection, planning, construction, and move process allows decision-makers to focus on their business.

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Our Workplace Solutions specialists get involved from day one; establishing the actual needs, evaluating how employees are currently utilizing their space, figuring out how much space is required, while strategically planning for growth, and benchmarking against the latest space trends.

Given the constantly changing trends in office design and various ways industries utilize space — especially in our evolving post-pandemic environment —  it is critical to evaluate the right amount of square footage.

For example, if you occupy 20% more space than you need, you are paying 20% more rent than is necessary. Over a 5-10-year lease, that can add up to a significant expense, and our Workplace Solutions team can provide clients significant cost
savings opportunities by evaluating their space usage.

We provide tenants with the peace of mind that they will receive the best value in facility, design, and construction and on time and on budget project delivery.

Throughout the negotiation process, our Workplace Solutions team works in conjunction with the transition team to establish timelines, project budgets, orchestrate a competitive contractor bidding process, and follow through on the physical move or renovation.

By managing  the risk associated with unknown costs prior to lease signature, companies can move forward confidently, freeing them to focus on their core businesses operations.

This process has saved our clients millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of downtime.

As the leading provider of integrated real estate services with a 100% commitment to advocating the interests and needs of tenants, CBIZ Gibraltar understands that no two companies are alike and works to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients. Together, we uncover the potential of your work environment, maximize human capital and map the path to critical business success.