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Office Developments: Returning to the Workplace

To better understand how employees, managers and decision-makers feel, we identified key trends and insights on the latest developments around Returning to the Workplace and the preferences, views, and beliefs of those using the office….

Chicago Suburban Market Update: Landlord Competition Heats Up with Advantages for Tenants

As we look closer at the trends across the Suburban Chicago markets, new insights suggest a higher degree of competition for landlords in the foreseeable future and occupiers are well-positioned to take advantage of current market conditions. In this video, CBIZ Gibraltar’s Executive Vice President Bill Main discusses the current state of the office market in the Chicago Suburbs…

Chicago CBD Market Update: Downtown Vacancies Remain at Record High

The Chicago office market conditions present interesting opportunities for tenants in their current and future leases. In this video, CBIZ Gibraltar’s President and CEO Steve Joseph discusses the current state of the office market with an update on the Chicago central business district…

Chicago CBD Mid-Year 2021 Market Update

Understand the Costs & Savings Opportunities Associated with Your Current and Future Lease — As trends across the Chicago office market continue to evolve in our post pandemic environment, we took a closer look at the market conditions with new data that can benefit tenants leveraging insights for economic advantage.