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The Benefits of the Physical Workplace — The Office Vs Remote Working Video

Office space has the power to improve business and communication. It drives connection, supports talent development, fosters culture, increases productivity, and advances collaboration.

However, the proliferation of remote working that resulted from the pandemic raised many questions around an evolving debate:

Remote vs Physical Workplace.

While there are benefits of both, a hybrid working model has emerged along with a more digitized and democratized workforce who largely desires more flexibility in the work arrangement — but they also agree the office is a major component for success.

Why? It’s because the benefits of the office that existed before; they remain true today, and they will be powerful drivers of business tomorrow.  The physical workplace drives Productivity, Collaboration, Development & Training, and Company Culture.

Think about it. Employees are simply more productive in the office.

There’s no question that virtual working technology, project manager apps, and video conferencing tools have never been more effective and widespread, but research shows that employees are less engaged during the workday and in meetings when working remotely.

Instances of distractions and multitasking during calls are increasing just as engagement and accountability levels decline — and while this makes it much more difficult to manage a 100% remote workforce, it is the limited access to resources needed to accomplish tasks quickly that have become equally challenging for many businesses. 

From a manager’s point of view, working in an office helps to both connect with staff members, and ensure that everyone is focused on their necessary work.

Collaboration is also best accomplished in person.

Whether you are working on simple tasks or many different projects with moving parts, teams need to exchange ideas quickly, move benchmarks forward and achieve a goal on time.  A flood of emails or constant video conference calls can add extra steps compared to a quick in-person conversation.

The physical work environment also drives mentorship and coaching opportunities. Being face-to-face in the office helps create an atmosphere where employees can easily ask questions and seek mentorship with more time and flexible moments for hands-on training.  This is especially important for less experienced team members who are working hard to learn many new concepts.

Finally, creating a workplace that fosters innovation and creates a healthy environment for employees is crucial for attracting the best in the business.

The office also becomes a physical touchpoint that brings the organization’s brand to life. And the workplace is more than just a visual representation, it allows employees to have a sense of pride which translates to overall productivity and workplace satisfaction that shapes culture with design, function and even branding that builds individuality and distinguishes companies from their competitors.

All of this takes place in the office. It impacts performance, employee engagement, creativity, collaboration, innovation, and overall business growth.

That’s why we at CBIZ Gibraltar are committed to creating positive, sustainable workplace environments that enhance productivity, while seeking to minimize overhead and operating expenses.

Our services enable clients to operate more successfully and ensure that they are better prepared for any challenges they may face.

As the leading provider of integrated real estate services with a 100% commitment to advocating the interests and needs of tenants, CBIZ Gibraltar understands that no two companies are alike and works to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients. Together, we uncover the potential of your work environment, maximize human capital and map the path to critical business success.