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What is the Best Approach to Lease Negotiation?

Lease negotiation is a critical step in the real estate transaction management process. Following needs assessments, market analysis, site tours, the tenant rep will conduct a proposal process, issuing RFPs to landlords for a shortlist of candidate buildings. CBIZ Gibraltar initiates a controlled negotiation process ensuring that maximum leverage is created…

CBIZ Women’s Advantage: Women Helping Women Succeed in Business

CBIZ developed CWA to help create a competitive advantage for our women through professional training, development, mentorship, recognition, and career enhancement. The 2023 edition of Women to Watch will be published shortly, featuring our own Natalia Kurinna, who has been name to CBIZ’s 2023 list…

Renew vs Relocate: How to Assess Opportunities & Risks Before Engaging the Marketplace?

Renew vs Relocate: The decision comes up every time an organization’s lease expiration date nears. While challenges and opportunities exist in either scenario, working closely with a tenant representation firm helps organizations alleviate potential pitfalls of getting stuck in a bad lease, ensuring an outcome that benefits workplace goals and a firm’s  overall bottom line. Having a representative that … Continued