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The Future of Office Space in Commercial Real Estate

The pandemic changed the way companies and employees think about their work environment, creating viable options for flexible and hybrid work models. Now, as more employees return to in-person work, companies are applying what they’ve learned to reimagine their physical office

CBIZ Gibraltar Senior Vice President. Eric Galanti sat down with our colleagues at CBIZ for Q&A on the Evolving Office Space Trends…

Why Tenants Get Stuck in Bad Leases & How to Avoid It

With the proliferation of institutional landlords in nearly every major U.S. market and across every asset class (not to mention an improving economy), commercial tenants encounter brokers anxious to make a deal and landlords under pressure from investors to stabilize rents. Even when the parties agree upon a “fair market rent”, today’s institutional landlord comes … Continued

Disadvantages of Working Remotely

Disadvantages of working remotely 100% of the time: Workers who are 100% remote tend to have lower employee engagement According to Gallup research, those with remote work options have the highest employee engagement, while those with no remote option and those who work remotely 100% of the time have lower employee engagement. A study of … Continued

Common Sense Guidelines for Tenants and Landlords

As a follow up to our recent webinar entitled “Reopening the Workplace: Strategies for a Safe, Productive & Sustainable Return to the Office,” we thought you would find a high-level overview of common sense guidelines to consider from both a tenant’s and landlord’s perspective informative. In addition, we’ve included two links to brief videos that once again highlight … Continued

Let’s Discuss Data: Tech Data and Office Space Utilization

How new tech analytics tools are shaping the evolution of office space utilization Recently, the popularity of the open office concept has been met with hesitation, and its efficiency with doubt. A lack of privacy, too little personal space and too many distractions are all critiques of the popular concept that has swept through offices … Continued