CBIZ Gibraltar Insights And Resources

The State of the Return to Office

As many five and ten-year leases come up for the first time since the start of the pandemic, employers are seriously rethinking what they need for their future workplace. While most decision-makers agree that a hybrid work model will remain, 90% of companies will return to the office by the end of 2024 — and … Continued

What is the Best Approach to Lease Negotiation?

Lease negotiation is a critical step in the real estate transaction management process. Following needs assessments, market analysis, site tours, the tenant rep will conduct a proposal process, issuing RFPs to landlords for a shortlist of candidate buildings. CBIZ Gibraltar initiates a controlled negotiation process ensuring that maximum leverage is created…

State of the Office Market Video — Suburban Chicago 2023 Year End Update

The tenant-favorable Chicago Suburban office market conditions present interesting opportunities for occupiers in their current and future leases. In this video, CBIZ Gibraltar’s Executive Vice President Bill Main discusses the current state of the office market in the Chicago Suburbs. As landlords continue to face challenges between lender issues and increased vacancy, they have a lot to … Continued

Celebrating 25 Years of Conflict-Free Tenant Representation

In the month of September, our team celebrated our 25th anniversary with a continued strong commitment and dedication to exclusive tenant representation. This year, we celebrate a quarter-century of successfully advocating tenants’ interests and needs — and we express gratitude for our teams, strong company culture, and privilege to support organizations. Together we uncover the … Continued