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Women’s History Month: Defining and Shaping Culture, and the Role Space Plays

It is Women’s History Month — and during March, and every month, our teams are proud to continue supporting, uplifting, and celebrating women in businesses.

When CBIZ launched the CWA (CBIZ Women’s Advantage) in 2007, it was developed out of necessity to help create a competitive advantage for women through professional training, development, mentorship, recognition, and career enhancement.

For too long, women business leaders and entrepreneurs faced systemic and financial barriers in accessing capital and key resources when starting and growing a business. There is no shortage of research that underscores the impact that these types of cyclical disadvantages have on women in business. More importantly, research on the shift and reputable “studies also consistently show that women and diverse teams outperform homogenous ones in problem-solving, creativity and decision-making,” according to CBIZ National Director Stefania DeMarco, in a recent article of The Advantage (The Power of Elevated Employee Engagement on Company Culture).

Simply put, the vital role women play at the helm of business enhance our communities and build wealth that has a ripple effect on future generations.

While it may be easy to talk about advocating for women in business, truth is that the amount of behind-the-scenes work and effort that goes into programs like CBIZ Women’s Advantage is anything but easy. It truly takes a village, and the teams at CBIZ work hard to bring forward initiatives to women in our communities.

Our teams dedicate efforts and celebrate accomplishments, and we also make the connection to what we know best — tenant representation.

Naturally, as the leading provider of integrated real estate services, our team points to the evolution of office space and ways it will be emphasized when evaluating a company’s values and brand identity.

Today’s leaders are evaluating the workplace and view the in-person work environments as a driver of business and culture, especially as they attempt to attract and retain top talent and build resilient, diverse teams that value collaboration, development, training and leadership.

While they are considering everything from the amount of space they need to where the offices are located and amenities, flexible working arrangements that drive productivity and a connection to the purpose of an organization are equally important.

Whether your real estate plans are immediate or far-off, we would like to get to know you and your office space needs.

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