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Workplace Solutions — Maximizing Market Opportunities, Minimizing Risks, and Creating Purposeful Work Environments

The factors driving the office market evolution have created tremendous opportunities for companies looking take advantage of today’s notable tenant-favorable conditions.

But, how can decision makers manage risk associated with unknown workplace needs, square footage, costs prior to lease signature?

Having an ally in the real estate selection, planning, construction, and move process allows decision-makers to move forward confidently and frees them to focus on their core businesses operations.

Afterall, today’s office market can be complex. Rather than having a seat for every individual in an office space where work is done independently, today’s workplace must function as a hub for collaboration and interaction and remain flexible enough to adapt to different situations.

CBIZ Gibraltar’s Workplace Solutions specialists get involved from day one; establishing the actual needs, evaluating how employees are currently utilizing their space, figuring out how much space is required, while strategically planning for growth, and benchmarking against the latest space trends.

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Whether you are considering a renewal in your current location, expansion, contraction, relocation or consolidation, our experienced team will walk you through every step of the process — which has saved our clients millions of dollars and hundreds of hours of downtime.

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We provide tenants with the peace of mind that they will receive the best value in facility, design, and construction and on time and on budget project delivery.

Throughout the negotiation process, our Workplace Solutions team works in conjunction with the transition team to establish timelines, project budgets, orchestrate a competitive contractor bidding process, and follow through on the physical move or renovation.

Learn more about our Workplace Solution – Download our guide here or contact us.

Watch our Workplace Solutions Video here!

As the leading provider of integrated real estate services with a 100% commitment to advocating the interests and needs of tenants, CBIZ Gibraltar understands that no two companies are alike and works to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients. Together, we uncover the potential of your work environment, maximize human capital and map the path to critical business success.