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Renew vs Relocate: How to Assess Opportunities & Risks Before Engaging the Marketplace?

Renew vs Relocate: The decision comes up every time an organization’s lease expiration date nears. While challenges and opportunities exist in either scenario, working closely with a tenant representation firm helps organizations alleviate potential pitfalls of getting stuck in a bad lease, ensuring an outcome that benefits workplace goals and a firm’s  overall bottom line. Having a representative that … Continued

Celebrating 25 Years of Conflict-Free Tenant Representation

In the month of September, our team celebrated our 25th anniversary with a continued strong commitment and dedication to exclusive tenant representation. This year, we celebrate a quarter-century of successfully advocating tenants’ interests and needs — and we express gratitude for our teams, strong company culture, and privilege to support organizations. Together we uncover the … Continued

Trends Shaping the Chicago Office Landscape — Summer Market Overview

The vast majority of office markets across the US remain very soft and tenant favorable. Our team at CBIZ Gibraltar is always monitoring conditions – and there are several key insights that can benefit tenants leveraging the current landscape for economic advantage. Read more on the Chicago Market here…

Exciting Updates: A Letter to Our Partners

It continues to be a year of change and growth at CBIZ Gibraltar Real Estate Services. We are excited to share important updates about our organization around the announcement of our refreshed brand image and values…

Office Market Outlook: The Commercial Mortgage Impact

The commercial real estate mortgage market is top of mind today, particularly as it pertains to the office market. CBIZ Gibraltar’s Steve Joseph addresses the impact of looming renegotiations with insights for tenants and occupiers in this new video…

Is Your Broker Working for You? Conflicts of Interest Matter

Can a broker provide impartial advice and act in your best interest when representing opposing parties in a transaction? In this video, Gibraltar’s Steve Joseph addresses industry news around a dual representation court ruling, conflicts of interest and insights on advocating for tenants.