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The Conversation: Physical Versus Remote Working Environment

As the nation moves through phases to reopen safely, how will the office landscape evolve and what is the impact on How and Where Employees Work? John Wonais & Natalia Kurinna discuss ever-changing Commercial Real Estate trends and share helpful insights. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL

Business Reopening Checklist

Use this checklist to help ensure you are prepared for a safe and successful reopening. With the anticipated gradual reopening of many of our non-essential companies across the country, business owners are faced with many new considerations as a result of the Coronavirus. This checklist provides you with a great starting point in making sure your … Continued

The Conversation: Getting Back to the Workplace

As government discussions continue around re-opening the country and the next phase of the #COVID19pandemic, what are companies planning for the #ReturnToWork and what changes can employees expect? Our own @Bill Main and @Natalia Kurinna address these questions and more.. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL

Commercial Real Estate and COVID-19 HEADLINES Debunked

CBIZ Gibraltar Real Estate Services, LLC very own Steven Joseph and Natalia Kurinna discuss the impact of COVID19 on the office market, and how companies are reacting to the current workplace. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL

Let’s Discuss Data: Tech Data and Office Space Utilization

How new tech analytics tools are shaping the evolution of office space utilization Recently, the popularity of the open office concept has been met with hesitation, and its efficiency with doubt. A lack of privacy, too little personal space and too many distractions are all critiques of the popular concept that has swept through offices … Continued

Workplace Trends in Commercial Real Estate

Companies are becoming increasingly complex in the way they utilize space from a function and operations standpoint, and workplaces throughout the globe are seeing the impact through the transformation in office space design. Workplaces have evolved from a standard office use function, to now represent an organization’s brand, value system and identity. The way in … Continued