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Illinois Podiatric Medical Association Case Study – City or Suburbs?

Illinois Podiatric Medical Association (“IPMA”) is a long standing medical non-profit organization that has historically been located in Chicago’s Central Business District (“CBD”).

IPMA engaged CBIZ Gibraltar Real Estate Services to help evaluate their current office space and assist them in determining whether they should remain downtown or if they were better suited in a suburban location.

CBIZ Gibraltar conducted an extensive market search of building options within the CBD and in the suburbs for IPMA’s review and consideration. To assist in the decision-making process, Gibraltar studied IPMA’s employee commute patterns and conducted demographic research on their existing employees.

IPMA’s goal was to find an office space that would accommodate its employees as well as reflect the organization’s mission and image.

After months of evaluating both the CBD and suburban office location options, and participating in numerous meetings with IPMA’s Board and Executive committees, it was determined that the non-profit was better suited in a suburban location, as it would be the most convenient for existing employees.

In addition, IPMA holds an annual convention that it was now able to host in the suburbs. Even greater cost savings opportunities were achieved by the suburban move.