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Do You Know Noah Turner? Get to Know Gibraltar

Noah has been a key member of the CBIZ Gibraltar team since the company’s inception in 1998. His diligence, persistence and creative approach has helped his clients achieve their real estate goals, while saving significant dollars in occupancy costs.

Noah is widely recognized by his peers for his commitment to detail, systematic approach, and proficient knowledge of industry space trends.

As part of our Get to Know Gibraltar series, we sat down with Noah and asked him these questions:

What part of your working day makes you think “This is why I do this job?”

When a client reaches out to me to say ‘Thank You’ and that they can’t
wait to move into their new space. Workplaces drive business, support talent development, foster culture, increase productivity, and advance collaboration — and whether a move is big or small, real estate projects are significant. Messages of gratitude feel great, especially when a client says they could not have done it without you. I also love the people I work with, so coming to the office everyday makes work fun.

What are the most memorable client projects you worked on to date? Why?

I’ve been in this business a long time, so I’ve worked with clients big and small, across many industries. Some clients need extra hand-holding, whereas others just trust you and go with your advice. Some of the most memorable ones are probably the projects that take the longest. I had one large suburban client who basically wanted to talk every other day. Even called us on Thanksgiving morning. The project took almost 2 years to complete, but was worth it when it closed.

How do you want tenants to feel when they first walk into the office space?

I want our clients to be excited when they come to work. I want their space to not only work for their business, but also be a fun place to go, meet with their fellow employees, be productive and facilitate collaboration.

Why do you prefer to work in the physical office environment?

Collaboration, connection, communication. I prefer to be in the office, rather than working remotely, because I simply feel more connected with my team and closer to clients. It’s just easier to focus on getting work done.

What advice would you give young real estate professionals and workplace experts?

Work hard, but also work smart. Get in early and stay organized. It takes a while to make connections and build up a client base in our business, so be patient, be consistent and don’t get frustrated. Also, listen and lean on your mentors for advice. If someone’s been in our industry for a long time, they must be doing something right. Try to learn something new every day.

What are some of your favorite buildings or offices spaces in Chicago?

It’s hard to call out a favorite building, but I do get excited to see what changes landlords are adding or updating within their buildings to stay relevant in the market.

Over the last few years, rooftop decks, tenant lounges, fitness centers, collaborative conference centers and unique food choices have become very important to tenants outside of their office space. Revival Food Hall, for example, at The National (125 South Clark) was a great addition to the market.

The new updates at Willis Tower are amazing, as well, with all the new trendy restaurant choices. It’s also cool to see owners putting golf simulators, rock walls and unique amenities in their buildings to separate themselves from others. Accenture Tower at 500 West Madison features a ton of cool amenities including a basketball court as part of its fitness center.

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

My wife and I have three beautiful daughters at home, so we love hanging out, laughing at each other (well, they mostly laugh at me, not with me,) and watching them grow up.

I’m originally from Wisconsin and have always stayed true to my roots – I’m a diehard sports fan of all Wisconsin sports. If the Packers, Brewers, Bucks or Badgers win, I’m a happy camper. Yes, my Bucks are 2021 NBA Champs! I also love music, exercising and am usually willing to watch anything recommended on Netflix.

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