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Celebrating 25 Years of Conflict-Free Tenant Representation

In the month of September, our team celebrated our 25th anniversary with a continued strong commitment and dedication to exclusive tenant representation.

This year, we celebrate a quarter-century of successfully advocating tenants’ interests and needs — and we express gratitude for our teams, strong company culture, and privilege to support organizations. Together we uncover the potential of the work environment, maximize human capital and map the path to critical business success for our clients.

CBIZ Gibraltar prides itself on successful lasting relationships with clients, partners and our teams that span decades. Check out what our real estate professionals had to say about CBIZ Gibraltar’s 25th Anniversary:

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Gibraltar is comprised of professionals from a variety of backgrounds, spanning a broad range of real estate expertise & experience. We share in a common focus of accountability, integrity and responsiveness in supporting clients.

We believe clients engage us to accomplish something important. While the trend in the real estate industry has been one of merging firms with conflicting functions (i.e. leasing, managing and developing properties, and representing tenants,) Gibraltar was created with the unwavering belief in exclusively representing the end-user of space.

In 25 years, our teams have never represented a building owner, eliminating the conflicts of interest that exist with firms that also represent landlords. Our 100% commitment is – and always will be — focused on serving tenants.