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Do You Know Grant Hutcherson? Get to Know Gibraltar

Grant joined CBIZ Gibraltar in 2018 where he became an integral cog on their brokerage team. 

As a member of Gibraltar, Grant concentrates on client development, market research and assisting on client projects. He provides support and insight on economic analysis, market data, and client communication. His detailed and aggressive approach to managing existing projects, as well as a focus on new client relationships, is vital to assisting the Gibraltar team on both a local and national level.

As part of our Get to Know Gibraltar series, we sat down with Grant and asked him these questions:

What part of your working day makes you think “This is why I do this job?”

It’s easy to sit at my desk and get lost in the work (making calls, running numbers, putting presentations and surveys together). It’s amazing though, when I turn around and look out my window at all of the amazing buildings in Chicago and watch SalesForce tower being built one floor at a time, I think about all of the people who will soon come together and go to work every day on one of those floors, and what new ideas and businesses might be run out of it. It is exciting to me that I can help bring people to those places. 

How do you want tenants to feel when they first walk into the office space?

When a tenant first walks into their space, they should feel proud and motivated to work. An office design and layout can establish a company culture and make employees feel greater purpose in their jobs. Whether an employee is working towards personal or company goals, the office should feel inspiring. 

I want tenants to feel comfortable where they work, and everyone is different in how they operate. Our team does a great job identifying tenants needs and executing through the negotiation and delivery process. 

Why do you prefer to work in the physical office environment?

Getting ready in the morning and starting my commute to my office drives my motivation. I build off the energy of others; and surrounding myself with people commuting to their jobs, being in a buzzing office, having morning conversations, and coffee meetings, all of these active elements and the general liveliness contribute to my drive. 

It’s important to keep company culture and the pulse of a business. Being around the people I work with really makes a difference. 

What are some of your favorite buildings or offices spaces in Chicago?

Growing up, my dad worked in the then Sears Tower (now Willis). I have a lot of memories as a little kid going to visit him at work. It felt like a big deal. I dressed up nice, had to go through security, take an escalator to an elevator to arrive on a high-rise floor with bustling traders on calls and phones ringing.  Today, to be in the office industry and touring through Willis, I’m reminded of those great memories.

The renovation at Willis is incredible. Telos did a really nice job with new amenities and an outstanding food hall. 

What do you like to do when you’re not at work?

I love living in Chicago, especially in the summer. When it is nice out, I take full advantage of what the city has to offer, such as running on the lake front trail, hanging out by the water, going to Cubs games and concerts, and hanging out at Chicago’s great outdoor bars and restaurants. I also love to play golf and spend a lot of my time on the course with friends and family. I also love to travel. I’ve been to 22 countries and 38 states! I enjoy learning and experiencing other cultures and ways of life. 

What else can you tell us? 

I really enjoy the commercial real estate industry because you have a feel for what’s going on in the city. I like walking around seeing new construction, watching companies occupy new blocks of space, reading headlines of new proposed developments. It’s exciting to work in an industry that puts you in the local community. 

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