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Common Sense Guidelines for Tenants and Landlords

As a follow up to our recent webinar entitled “Reopening the Workplace: Strategies for a Safe, Productive & Sustainable Return to the Office,” we thought you would find a high-level overview of common sense guidelines to consider from both a tenant’s and landlord’s perspective informative. In addition, we’ve included two links to brief videos that once again highlight both tenant and landlord considerations and practical approaches. We want to thank our architectural partners for assisting with portions of the information.

Tenant Considerations:
1. Identify Opportunities:

  • Space layout and configuration
  • Health, safety and wellness procedures
  • Housekeeping and cleaning protocols
  • Signage and wayfinding
  •  Building systems and technology

2. Develop Recommendations:

  • Occupant density control
  • Physical distancing and interaction plans
  • Access for elevators and stairs
  • Temporary protective barriers/shields
  • Limits/restrictions/guidelines on shared conference areas, amenities and food service
  •  Effective communication strategies to promote safe behavior and instill confidence
  • Advanced technology opportunities for hands-free, touchless operations
  • Implement one way travel to avoid cross contamination on both

See the Tenant Space Perspective Video HERE

Landlord Considerations:

  • Controlled point of entry for monitoring occupants/deliveries/packages
  • Occupancy limits to elevator lobbies and elevator cabs
  • Installation of hand sanitizing stations adjacent to high-touch areas
  • Assessment of items that can move to hand-free through automation or voice activation (touch screen directories moving to voice activation, automatic door openers, etc.)
  • Enhanced micro-cleaning practices
  • Shared amenities will be closed or shut down for the immediate return (i.e. fitness centers, conference centers, tenant lounges)
  •  Installation of Environmental Graphics/Signage/Wayfinding to communicate new policies, procedures and protocols for re-entry
  • Implement one way travel to avoid cross contamination on both

See the Landlord Perspective Video HERE